Prenatal Chiropractic


Women who are pregnant often experience problems with their back, legs, sides and other areas of their body due to the added weight that they are now carrying. If this sounds like you and you are in a lot of discomfort, give us a call at Roseville Chiropractor.

Pelvic pain, back pain and posture can all play a roll in your level of discomfort. This is where a chiropractic service can help. Many of our patients are referred to us because of their lower back pain and pelvic pain due to their pregnancy. This is generally localized lower back pain, groin pain, thigh pain and sciatica pain. Our chiropractors are also capable of determining the exact position of the fetus and whether it is in the correct position to give birth.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help

There are 24 independent vertebrae in the body. Subluxations of the spine or joint dysfunctions happen when two vertebrae are restricted. When this occurs it prevents the body from effectively communicating to other parts of the body. Joint dysfunctions are common during pregnancy. It is caused by the many changes taking place in the body as it is preparing itself for the baby.

Weight gain, pelvis rotations and bad posture means that a woman’s body has to adapt to the force now applied to the spine. These same changes can negatively affect joint function. At Roseville Chiropractor our chiropractors are trained to find these joint dysfunctions by applying pressure to the targeted area of the spine when needed. This helps to restore proper joint and nerve communication movement in the body.

Advantages of Chiropractic Care

Even though most of our prenatal care patients are referred to us, some come to us for relief on their own because they understand the benefits. We offer a safe, natural way to deal with pain and endure with a happier and healthier pregnancy. Additional benefits include:

  • Control nausea
  • Relief of back and neck pain
  • Reduces labor and deliver time
  • Prevents the need for a cesarean delivery

Whatever your reason for contacting us we assure you that you will be in good and capable hands at Roseville Chiropractor. We’ll help you through your pregnancy and help you avoid the many complications and discomfort associated with pregnancy.

Why Hire Roseville Chiropractor

When you want to feel your absolute best during your pregnancy it would be a great idea to get in touch with a chiropractor service in Roseville, such as Roseville Chiropractor.

There are all sorts of changes taking place in a women’s body during pregnancy that she isn’t always aware of. These changes can wreck havoc on your joints until you can’t take it any longer. Instead of just living with the level of discomfort that you have been experiencing, it’s time to give us a call at Roseville Chiropractor. You don’t have to have a miserable pregnancy if you know who you can rely on for the pain that you have been experiencing. We guarantee you’ll feel results.